Astro-Akashic Reading


This is a spiritual guidance Q&A session with your guides and Ascended Masters of the Akasha. Your openness determines a large extent of what happens during the session and the information brought forward. This is not a prediction session as timelines change and are influenced based on your free will.

The Akashic Records is likened to the historical records of your soul’s journey since inception and the possibilities of its unfoldment in the future. I access the Records using a Sacred Prayer and channel answers to your questions. In addition to accessing your records, I combine Western Astrology to give you insight into your current lifetime’s main themes, aspects and timeline influences that are flavouring your life at present. The chart is cast with your birth date, location and exact time. 

The 90-minute zoom session concludes with a healing session using verbal energetic commands to clear or activate what you might be seeking at the time of the reading, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A recording will be provided. You must be 18 years or over. 


An Akashic-Hypnosis Session is designed to have a conversation with your subconscious about the root cause of an issue you might be facing. This is to provide answers, insight and possibly some healing related to the issue.

Issues can revolve around any subject matter, such as health issues, money blocks, self esteem, self confidence, relationships, life purpose etc.

The session is conducted while we are in your Akashic Records which I open using a Sacred Prayer so that the masters of the Akashic Realm may guide the session through me. Please note, my voice does not change, my eyes are open and we are having a normal conversation in English like any other meeting might be over zoom.

As part of the session, I will ask questions and guide the session to get answers from your subconscious.

We may do some regression to time periods before the present such as to childhood events.

This session is approximately 2+ hours in length over zoom and a hypnosis audio recording will be provided at the end of the session for you to listen to for 21-28 days following the session.

In this session we address a single issue. If you want guidance or insight on multiple questions about you and your life, please book an Astro-Akashic Session. If you want to work on more than one issue, then a subsequent Akashic-Hypnosis Session can be booked one month apart from the previous one.

At this time we do not offer combo packages nor discounts for any of these sessions. 

No, we currently do not offer shorter sessions. If the client presents less questions causing the session to end earlier than 90 minutes, then the session will simply be completed earlier. There is no carry-forward.