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Life Purpose Discovery Package

Life Purpose Discovery Package

SGD $350.00

Each one of us has come for a specific mission to express their soul’s purpose for the human collective that utilizes our innate talents, our soul’s gifts and expression and the time has never been more potent for people to discover their life purpose.

Coralie Sasada and fellow practitioner, Shubhra Venneti, have come together with their two signature services aimed specifically at helping you find your life purpose. Or as they like to describe it, your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

This package includes 2 sessions of 75 minutes each

A life purpose angel card reading by Coralie Sasada where she will guide you to connect with the angels and call upon them to bring clarity and insight on your soul’s purpose with spiritual guidance by channelling divine messages from the angels through the oracle cards she will be guided to intuitively select for you.

An Astro-Akashic reading by Shubhra Venneti, a spiritual-guidance session that combines Western astrology birth chart analysis and the esoteric modality of accessing one’s soul records through psychic channeling to provide your soul’s blueprint information.

The themes addressed in the card reading by Coralie will cover:

  • Your past and current learnings at the soul level.
  • How your purpose is unfolding to develop and grow in the future.
  • A talent/gift that you have at the soul level which can be developed further.
  •  The next step in your soul’s growth and evolution.
  • How you can help others and contribute to the world.
  • The essence of your soul’s purpose and its expression.

In the reading by Shubhra you will learn:

  • Your soul’s karmic past patterns and current lifetime’s driving force.
  • Your soul’s gifts.
  • The best way your soul likes to receive abundance.
  • Where you have an additional boost of luck to manifest.
  • In what theme you do your best work and how your physical manifestation wants to receive its wealth/assets.
  • What your soul has come to do on this planet at this time.
  • Understanding your soul’s highest personality, emotional need, its physical expression and how to marry the three so you can live your highest expression.

What clients SAY

Transformative Session with Shubra: Unveiling Clarity and Spiritual Awakening

My session with shubra has been an outstanding experience. I got immense clarity, lots of spiritual awakening and an activation to a deeper high self which was lying dormant. Her compassionate listening ability coupled with her clarity of thought, leaves you with immense peace and almost always makes one feel empowered. Highly highly recommend her.

Professionalism and Clarity: My Experience with Shubhra's Guidance

Shubhra was very professional in the entire session, she communicated very clearly during the intro and readings, what it meant and how it influences current life and was very sensitive even when talking about difficult topics. She helped me gain clarity on several different areas that I always have questions on and would definitely recommend her to others.
J. W. Kew

Amazing Experience

An amazing and enlightening experience!

Grateful for Your Professionalism and Healing Touch

I loved the professional way you approach it. The instructions were clear and if my questions were not clear you worked with me till it was and then you could get a meaning read from the records. You have certainly provided a lot of clarity. My understanding means I can make changes from a place of understanding rather than reaction. The healing I definitely felt the shift in the different parts of my body as you moved through it. Again very clear instructions and process. Again thank you so much. I am still buzzing from the session.
Hilary Carlile​

Enlightening and Trustworthy: My Experience with Shubhra's Insightful Reading

The session I had with Shubhra was really insightful. The reading validated things I was unsure about and it also helped me understand more about myself. I was fully open and relaxed with Shubhra. She gave the reading with love and confidence and I trusted her completely. I enjoyed the reading and look forward to having more readings in the future with Shubhra. Thank you!
Jeanette M. T.​

Embracing the Akashic Course: Unveiling Timelines and Unfolding Paths

During our session, the Masters said to me, “Doing the Akashic course would be a short cut in away from other things I will do,” and I can now see what they meant. I signed up for two course that started the same time, one being the Akashic course. I planed to do them together, however, the week they began, that was no longer a option and so I opted to do the other course. I can see now how my timeline shifted as a result of choice. I am happy and grateful for how it all unfolded and it’s very cool to see how timelines shift and change for our benefit. either path, different process same destination. The abilities I’ve activate and I am leaning to use, would have been activated regardless. While, I took “longer” path let’s call it, the “short cut” they referred to and they inferred or I got the sense when it was explained as “short cut” it wasn’t shorter, just culminating more things at once. One past was some teaching, allot of practice. The other, allot of teaching, some practice. Both leading to 100% knowing and trusting. BTW: Things are still unfolding and clicking into place from our first reading in 2020 and it’s incredible stuff. So good. Thank you 🤍🙏🏽

Masters' Insights: Valuable Past, Present, and Future Revelations with Shubhra

It was a great experience. Shubhra was very impressive in her ability to communicate my masters readings and give me valuable insights from my past present and future.
Ritu K

Soulful Journey: Healing and Insight with Shubhra

This was such a wonderful experience. Shubhra lead me through a journey of dimensions, shedding light and insight into situations to help me make sense of current challenges. Going back and revisiting these past life time experiences also allowed for soul-level healing. I left this session with my awareness, the ability to forgive, let go and start to focus on the future. I experienced a soul-level shift. Shubhra is so caring and empathetic throughout the entire reading.
Mimi B

Annual Ritual: Deep Insights and Spiritual Guidance with Shubhra

Our separate and joined sessions with Shubhra became a must, an annual ritual if we may say. The level of depth, detail and personal care gives us a lot of clarity and assurance. Not only we receive healing but we continue to unfold and learn from the masters messages throughout the year. It has helped us with planning and allows us to connect the dots in present time and learn from current challenges. The relevance of the session is not only when it happens but you will be able to integrate the wisdom throughout the year. The uniqueness of those sessions is that they are combined with astrology which gives a whole other dimension and can give clarity on both practical and spiritual matters.
Maryam A

Astro Insight: A Transformative Experience

It was the most amazing insight to my life. I especially enjoyed the Astro chart reading. Everything was so relatable and spot on. The healing at the end was amazing. Definitely looking forward to another reading in the future. Thank you so much for helping me access my records!

A Transformative Perspective

It was eye opening, got me thinking differently on things that has been happening in my life. Shubra is so great in supporting and with such nice energy
Ivana B

Loved my session

I loved my session with Shubhra
Ana B