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Astro Akashic Reading

Astro Akashic Reading

SGD $285.00

This is a spiritual guidance Q&A session with your guides and Ascended Masters of the Akasha. Your openness determines a large extent of what happens during the session and the information brought forward. This is not a prediction session as timelines change and are influenced based on your free will.

The Akashic Records is likened to the historical records of your soul’s journey since inception and the possibilities of its unfoldment in the future. I access the Records using a Sacred Prayer and channel answers to your questions. In addition to accessing your records, I combine Western Astrology to give you insight into your current lifetime’s main themes, aspects and timeline influences that are flavouring your life at present. The chart is cast with your birth date, location and exact time.

The 90-minute zoom session concludes with a healing session using verbal energetic commands to clear or activate what you might be seeking at the time of the reading, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A recording will be provided. You must be 18 years or over.

What clients SAY

Professionalism and Clarity: My Experience with Shubhra's Guidance

Shubhra was very professional in the entire session, she communicated very clearly during the intro and readings, what it meant and how it influences current life and was very sensitive even when talking about difficult topics. She helped me gain clarity on several different areas that I always have questions on and would definitely recommend her to others.
J. W. Kew

Enlightening and Trustworthy: My Experience with Shubhra's Insightful Reading

The session I had with Shubhra was really insightful. The reading validated things I was unsure about and it also helped me understand more about myself. I was fully open and relaxed with Shubhra. She gave the reading with love and confidence and I trusted her completely. I enjoyed the reading and look forward to having more readings in the future with Shubhra. Thank you!
Jeanette M. T.​