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Akashic Hypnosis

Akashic Hypnosis

SGD $330.00

Clearing at the root of the problem.

Akashic Hypnosis is a powerful session where through a guided visualisation, accompanied with question and answer process, we uncover and shine light at the rooted beliefs that are causing the issue you are facing in your physical reality.

The issue can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and the session aims to shine light on its genesis, clearing it and installing new, empowering beliefs instead to create a new, improved reality.

The 2 hour+ session is conducted over zoom and concludes with a healing-meditation audio that is required to be listened to post-session for 28 days for additional clearing and empowering rewiring.

Sessions are conducted during weekday mornings subject to available slots between 9.30am – 12pm Singapore Time.

What clients SAY

Enchanting Group Session: First Experience with Hypnosis

Very much enjoyed the group session and look forward to more such events. Will listen to the meditation daily for 3 weeks. First experience with hypnosis.

Success with Sep Body Healing for Dog's Ear Infection

The Sep Body Healing really worked well on my dog. Coz my dog had terrible ear infection with all the medicine it was on and off. In sept I have been playing the recording every night. My dog's ear and body rashes totally recovered. I strongly feel it's the meditation. :)
Hardeep K