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 Clarity of Purpose



Experiencing a brink in your spirituality?

Finding Purpose and Clarity in Your Life

Are you searching for deeper meaning and clarity in your life? Wondering what your purpose truly is and why you may feel successful but unfulfilled? I understand the questions that tug at your soul and the longing to live a life aligned with your highest purpose.

Unlock your true potential with Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Records: Transformative Soul Journey

Welcome to a transformative journey where ancient wisdom meets modern guidance. Within the Akashic Records lies the blueprint of your soul’s journey. Unresolved emotions, energetic blockages, and limiting beliefs can hold you back from fully embracing your true potential. 

Akashic Record readings facilitate a powerful healing process, helping you release these obstacles and unlock the life-changing power within you.

Gain a profound understanding of your unique gifts, life lessons, and the path that will lead you to a life of purpose, joy, and authenticity.


Hi! I'm Shubhra.

Greetings, fellow seekers! I am Shubhra, a devoted Astrologer, Akashic Records Reader, Body & Organ Akashic Light Practitioner, and Rapid Transformational Therapist. With utmost mindfulness, I have crafted exceptional programs that harmonize the cosmic energies, guiding you on a transformative path of self-discovery, release, healing, and manifestation.

In the midst of my own profound spiritual awakening, I sensed the existence of an unseen dimension waiting to be explored. It was during this sacred journey of self-discovery that the Akashic Records revealed themselves to me, unveiling profound insights and boundless possibilities. Driven by a genuine desire to help individuals align with their highest and greatest good, I humbly see myself as a gateway, ushering you towards an expanded version of yourself.

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